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Atlas shares insights on the hugely positive signs, locally and globally, that reveal it’s time to take that next property step.

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s what home means to us. Home is our sanctuary. Our escape. Our safe place. But our homes are now working harder than ever and what we expect from our homes in 2021 is evolving. This year finds many people considering making a property move – and that’s hugely positive.

While the coronavirus pandemic created a lot of uncertainty on a global scale, our local real estate market has been fortunate and is going from strength to strength.

“What we saw in 2020 was the importance of our home. Homes have had to act as offices, gyms and schools and, in some instances, adult children have moved back home with their parents. Homes have really been put through their paces,” says Adrian Bridges, Founding Partner of Atlas.

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The pandemic also had an effect some didn’t see coming. “Many ex-pats who were living abroad have decided to come back and call Australia home,” reveals Adrian.

Hundreds of thousands of ex-pats returned to home shores last year, and they’ve been busy snapping up premium real estate.

“Australia has proved itself to be a very safe place to purchase property because of how well we’ve dealt with coronavirus and our historical growth as a market. Global volatility has made Australia look even more attractive,” says Adrian.

The combination of returning ex-pats and buyers seeking to upgrade when there is a lack of supply pushed up prices last year.

“We’re going to see the exact same patterns this year with more returning ex-pats, more foreign buyers and low-interest rates,” he says.


“It’s definitely a seller’s market in that there’s low supply and high demand. If you have the ability to pivot and move, now is the year to do it” – Adrian Bridges, Founding Partner of Atlas

There’s also good news for buyers. Atlas sees this growth as sustainable and the market as solid. “Buyers shouldn’t sit on the sidelines. In a local sense, we don’t normally see areas like Sydney’s Lower North Shore dip radically,” says Adrian.

The same sentiment can be applied to Australia more widely. According to property data group CoreLogic, Australia’s $7.2 trillion residential real estate market proved remarkably resilient in 2020.

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The key piece advice for any seller or buyer looking to make a move is to identify why you’re thinking about it.

Understanding your purpose and intent will help you feel more positive about the process and open up the lines of communication with your agent.

Finding an agent who can deliver great service to their client will make the selling journey much smoother. Atlas provides an exceptional service offering backed by industry-leading technology and marketing, meaning our agent’s time is spent with their clients, not behind a desk.

That’s the Atlas difference.

To learn more about why now is a great time to sell, book an appraisal here

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