Isabella Cox

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Isabella Cox brings a unique blend of passion, expertise, and a warm, caring approach to every interaction she has with her clients. At the heart of Isabella’s professional ethos is building exceptional relationships with clients.
Isabella’s decision to join Atlas Lower North Shore was driven by her desire to align with the best in the industry. She was drawn to the idea of being part of a community that sets the benchmark for excellence in real estate. For Isabella, working alongside individuals who consistently push the boundaries of success is not just inspiring but also instrumental in her professional development.
Isabella’s rich background in real estate runs deep, with her upbringing in a family that owned a successful agency on the south coast for over 15 years. This early exposure instilled in her a profound understanding of the industry’s nuances and the importance of a client-centered approach. Complementing her real-world experience, Isabella holds a Bachelor of Business Management and boasts extensive experience in the events, hotel, and customer service sectors, equipping her with a diverse skill set that enhances her effectiveness in her current role working alongside Priscilla Ouvrier.

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