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Is 2021 the year you’re going to make a property move? Here are 10 sure signs that it’s time.

1. You’re thinking about downsizing

Time flies, doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday your children were graduating high school and suddenly, they’re moving out of the family home. Now you’re ready to downsize to a smaller home.

If downsizing is on your mind, you’re not alone – many are looking to simplify their lives in 2021, exploring new real estate markets. It can be a complex process, one a real estate professional can help you navigate.

2. You need your home to work harder for you

These days, our home is more than just a home. It’s our office, gym, school and sanctuary, all in one. As we look to the future, we’ll continue to expect a lot from our homes. This year will find many people considering buying and selling to find a home that suits their new way of life.

3. You’re an expat looking to move back home

If you’ve been living abroad, you might now be wanting to make a permanent move back to Australia. Finding and securing your perfect home before you arrive is ideal – and there are ways to make it happen.

Atlas can put you in touch with its network of lawyers and conveyancers to help you navigate the legal side of buying property with ease, whether you are based locally or internationally.

4. You want to pivot  

With international border closures and travel restrictions remaining in place, many of us have found ourselves with time on our hands to reassess our goals and priorities.

If 2020 could be summed up in one word, it would be ‘pivot’. In the real estate landscape, we’ll continue to see pivots well into 2021, whether it’s a complex professional shift or as simple as changing your postcode.

If this resonates with you, demand is high and supply is low – you’re in a desirable position. 

5. You’re looking to invest

With international holidays off the cards, many have found themselves with spare cash to invest. In Australia, the real estate market continues to be a strong option.

“Australia has proved itself to be a very safe place to purchase property because of how well we’ve dealt with COVID-19 and our historical growth as a market. Global volatility has made Australia look even more attractive,” says Adrian Bridges, Founding Partner of Atlas.

Atlas agents are experts in this space and can help you locate and purchase the right investment.

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6. You’re planning to start a family

Growing your family is an incredibly exciting time. Pregnancy, babies and toddlers come with a particular set of needs, and perhaps your current home doesn’t meet those needs.

Write a wish list to determine what you need out of your family home. Is proximity to a specific school important? Look into the catchment area. Maybe you want a patch of grass, to be close to the beach or an extra bedroom.

Once you’ve narrowed down the options, it’s time to get an understanding of the property market.

The Atlas team can help.

7. Your adult children have moved back home

Just as some people find themselves with excess space now that children have moved out of the family home, the recent pandemic has seen a large proportion of adults move into different living situations and the continued boom of multigenerational homes.

If this move is seeming more permanent than first imagined, it might be time to consider purchasing a larger family home.

8. You’re dreaming of a sea change

The world saw huge changes in 2020, and many of us may never return to full-time office life again. Working remotely has afforded many people the opportunity to take a good look at their lifestyle, only to realise that urban living simply isn’t for them.

The Atlas team can help you get your home ready for sale by offering trusted advice and insights, as well as a formidable network of tradesmen and stylists. And its network of offices nationwide makes dreaming of that Sydney to Bryon move a more straightforward proposition than you’d expect.

9. You’re ready to press go

If you’re a busy single or part of a time-poor executive couple, you may have already decided to sell but don’t have the mental space to take it on. Atlas simplifies the process, keeping you informed about the sale process anywhere, anytime.

The Atlas app helps you stay across every step of the process, while allowing you to keep up with your day-to-day responsibilities.

Atlas knows that buying real estate is a journey that requires time, so it’s built the technology to save you as much time as possible, making each step as seamless as can be. 

10. You’re a big thinker

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. Let Atlas help you distil it.

Whether you’re looking to downsize or find yourself a forever family home, the Atlas team’s local expertise, backed by a world-class network and global insights, brings many benefits to the table.

If you’re selling your home, Atlas can give you a competitive edge. Atlas doesn’t settle for second best. It goes the extra mile for sellers and buyers alike.

That’s the Atlas difference.

To learn more about why now is a great time to sell, book an appraisal here

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