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I’m excited to be a part of the well known Atlas brand and appreciate the trust and support they have given me.

With over a decade’s worth of experience in customer service, Leslie understands the importance of creating stress-free transactions in his role as a sales agent. Through this, he has developed a unique approach to building and maintaining relationships with people from all walks of life. Having worked as a top performer in several retail management roles, he has learned to treat everyone with honesty, respect and empathy.

Leslie always goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and takes great pride in being part of the memorable milestones families and investors achieve through property. It’s the potential to have a huge impact on the lives of various clients that motivates him to deliver exceptional results in such a competitive real estate industry.

He’s truly a dedicated and outstanding professional who uses his in-depth knowledge of business to provide an insightful perspective for both buyers and sellers alike.

Excited to be a part of the well known Atlas brand, Leslie appreciates the trust and support they have given him. As someone who is adept at being one step ahead of the game, he is glad to have found a company that values this approach just as much as he does.

When we’re not talking property, talk to me about

Cars, fitness, watches and clothing in general.

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