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Gregory has worked in senior sales roles across a number of industries and in high value negotiations.  He is an effective communicator as well as an excellent negotiator. His family has more than 80 years of real estate experience across the country. Gregory’s grandmother was one of the first female licenced real estate agents in Australia, quite possibly the first, while his father is a Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of Australia since 1977.

He is passionate about all aspects of property and interior design, having recently renovated and sold his Brisbane home. He was ranked Top 3 for a Brisbane suburb in his first 12 months as a sales agent, simultaneously setting suburb records during what was a particularly challenging market at the time.

Gregory has lived in Teneriffe and New Farm on and off for many years, recently relocating back here permanently because “it’s just an incredible place to live!”

Corporate social responsibility, sustainability and strong connections to the local community are high on his list of priorities.

He was motivated to join Atlas because of the sophisticated technology that has been developed to streamline all the processes.  Equally important is the high profile marketing that assists in getting the best result possible for his clients.

When we’re not talking about property, talk to me about:

Acting – Gregory is regularly in shows at Ad Astra Theatre in Fortitude Valley and Australian Films.  Ebony – you will have to meet her!


David Young

We chose Gregory Wilken for the sale of our Brisbane apartment. In a challenging market he remained optimistic through the sales process and was tenacious in identifying prospective buyers and passionately presenting the property to them in the best possible way.

Gregory went the extra mile in working with the building management to ensure we achieved the best possible result. We would recommend Gregory to any person looking to sell their property.

Ro and John Bowman

Gregory Wilken came to our aid when were having issues selling our Bowen Hills home. His fresh approach and ideas couple with his enthusiasm resulted in our unit being sold after an extended time of four years on the market. We had used three agencies and ten agents prior to working with Gregory.

We doubt that our property would have found a buyer without Gregory’s effort.

My wife Ro and I would unreservedly recommend Gregory as a trustworthy and inspired agent who will work diligently on your behalf.

Many thanks Greg


My wife and I wanted to thank you sincerely for being able to find a happy purchaser for our New Farm apartment. The fact that you travelled down from Brisbane to the Gold Coast mid-week to meet us and discuss the selling procedure was very impressive. The apartment was on the market for over 6 months without any serious interest prior to you taking over the job.
Your professionalism and attention to detail certainly were key factors towards finding a buyer. We appreciated how you worked in conjunction with the apartments managers to allow open inspections even though the apartment was still being occupied with short term rentals. It was important for us to still receive an income from the apartment during the sale, which you helped achieve. You always kept us in the loop with what was happening, who was inspecting the apartment and when they inspected.

Our sale price was as to be expected considering within such a tough market but we are grateful someone else has been able to make our apartment their new home.

We would highly recommend you to any prospective sellers in the area you know so well. Thank you Greg.

Nick Di Pompo

It's rare that you find anyone in real estate who takes the time to make sure that everything is going smoothly when you buy a property. You consistently followed up with me on the various properties you had on the market, which ultimately meant that I bought through you. Once I had signed the contract you still ensured that you replied to me quickly with any question I raised. You always kept me updated throughout the sale process.

I would highly recommend your integrity, communication skills and professionalism to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.

Thanks for helping me find a new property.

Zoe & Lynne

We recently purchased a new home in Norman Park, our first home in Australia. When we met Gregory Wilken at the house we were immediately impressed with his comprehensive knowledge of the property. We have recently emigrated to Australia and not having purchased here before we found the system intimidating. Gregory was on hand day and night to guide us through the sale process. At all times he acted with complete integrity and made us feel secure with the knowledge and understanding he conveyed. From the moment that we met it was obvious that he knew what the vendors were wanting and where they might be flexible. He kept on top of the various issues we had with the sale ensuring that we closed on time, which was only a few days before Christmas.
We were tough negotiators and while we knew he was working for the owners we never felt that he was working against us, he worked with us.
The previous owners did not have time to clean the house before we moved in. We have two young children and we were trying to manage to move out and move in the day before Christmas Eve. We found out that Gregory, without being asked at all, had left the office and spent a number of hours cleaning the property for us to ensure that we could move in without a hassle. I doubt there would be any other real estate agents who would go to such lengths.
I would absolutely recommend Gregory to anyone who is considering selling their home and indeed, he will be our first call when we come to that point. We know that he will work hard to ensure that you get the very best price possible while making the process as stress free as possible.
Thank you Gregory for all your hard work and support.

Justin Knudson & Naima Hughes

We run restaurant businesses in New Farm and also have others in Hamilton and Newmarket. We have spent a great deal of money on our brand, our stores and our produce to make sure we are seen as a very high quality business. However we know that all of that investment is wasted if we do not have staff that believe in our brand and uphold our values.
It was with a great deal of trepidation that we approached a second agent to sell our home. This was because we had already spent a great deal of money with another well-known agency without any result. We had very little in the way of suggestions for getting the best sale price, limited communication throughout the process and not one written offer in 89 days.
We arranged to meet with Gregory Wilken at our restaurant. He arrived on time, great presentation and had done his research. His passion for his companies brand was evident right from the start, we already felt like we were in good hands. Our next meeting was on site the next day. Instead of talking the property and price down Gregory immediately pointed out the positives and where he thought the price could get to if we followed his advice. He gave us a very clear, concise and effective plan on what we could do to make sure that we impressed buyers as soon as they entered the property.
We then spoke about marketing. Instead of the usual ‘let’s get an ad and a signboard’, Gregory gave us some innovative options which also included having the empty property styled. This was simply a masterstroke as far as making the property stand out. Not only did we love the idea, he found a stylist that could do it for a budget that made sense for our property. He worked diligently making sure that everything was just perfect. He wasn’t going to let the presentation and photography be good – it had to be perfect. When the advertisement went up on line we couldn’t believe it was our house and it certainly wasn’t the house that was advertised with the previous agency. It was abundantly clear to us that we had made the right decision as the whole campaign just oozed style and exclusivity.
Gregory made sure that every open home was simply perfect. He communicated with us throughout the entire campaign ensuring that we were never in the dark about anything. He gave us constructive feedback and at all times we felt he was dealing with us and the buyers with the ultimate integrity.
He had recommended an auction campaign which wasn’t something we had considered or even wanted. However he very clearly pointed out the benefits and reason why he thought this process would achieve the best price. He also ensured we knew that the likelihood of it not selling at auction was approximately 50% or higher but there was a good reason to go down this path.
As you know all of this is worthless if we didn’t get a sale or fail to negotiate a great price. This is where it pays to get the best. When it comes to negotiation and knowledge of real estate sales you need to make sure you are in the best possible hands. Gregory proved his worth in this critical time. As I said earlier, we had not had one written offer in 89 days from the previous agent.
We had an offer in the first week that was way above our expectations but we felt confident that there was a little more in it. Gregory did not shy away from the challenge.
Two days after the auction we received another offer that was way above what we had actually dreamed was possible for the house. Gregory didn’t stop there. He wasn’t sure that the contract was stable so he continued to make sure we were out there searching for buyers. By the end of the week he had two other contracts in place that had clauses in to have them in play if the one before it fell over. It ended up being a very smart move.
After the collapse of the first contract we had another one, at a higher price, immediately in play. The buyers asked more questions than I ever thought possible but he handled all of them with professionalism. We ended up closing the sale over 15% higher than our ‘champagne price’. We were absolutely delighted. While of course this was a spectacular result for us, Gregory didn’t get over excited but instead dealt with it with humility and was just happy that we got a great result.
I have never sent a letter of this length to commend someone for a great job but I felt this result deserved it.
As I said in the beginning, you can spend all the money in the world making sure your business is perfect but your staff can let that all down very quickly. Gregory is an excellent ambassador for his brand and we will wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone selling a property as an innovative, passionate real estate agent that at all times acts with integrity and humility.


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